PTSD Cure?

Is there a cure for PTSD is a question asked often.  David Baldwin has penned a comprehensive response here, but I like to think in simple terms.

If we cut our hand, we wouldn’t ask for a cure, but how to stabilise, treat and ensure rapid healing.  The human body has a great mechanism for healing itself, and although a scar may remain, we get better if the conditions are right, and some interventions can speed up this process.

And so it is with psychological trauma. We don’t ask for a cure, but how to stabilise and contain in the first instance, and put in place the optimum conditions for healing.  This includes addressing sleep and nightmares (dreaming is our natural process for dealing with trauma), and possibly intervening using therapy such as EMDR.  When all is done, sometimes scar’s remain, and memories lose their sting, and we can return to living a normal life.  Does this constitute a cure?  I think it is the wrong question!