FLASH Training


Please note that the live workshops in Birmingham and London have been cancelled and a full refund is in process.  If you wish to take the webinar (below), you will need to re-register at https://flashtechnique.com/wp/product/july-24-2020-flash-technique-webinar-for-Europe/

Learn the Flash Technique from Dr Phil Manfield ONLINE

‘The Flash Technique‘ is an adjunct to EMDR therapy that is very effective in safely reducing the distress of traumatic memories.   With the restrictions on face-to-face therapy due to Covid-19, this makes Flash especially relevant to the online environment.  There is also more information about the Flash technique at https://flashtechnique.com/wp/

We have arranged a Flash webinar based on European times, in lieu of the cancelled live workshops in London and Birmingham.  The timings are 10am-1pm and 2-5pm British Summer Time on Friday 24th July and also include CPD points if the post-workshop quiz is taken.  The video of the training will be available afterwards.  For those that registered for the live events, a full refund is in process, but you do need to register for the Webinar separately.

Due to geographical time issues, the first 3 hours will be pre-recorded from the most recent US webinar (I will be on hand to answer questions though), and the second-half will be live with Dr Manfield from California.

The registration link is https://flashtechnique.com/wp/product/april-23-2020-flash-technique-webinar/ and the cost is the same as other Flash Webinars.  If you want to take the quiz at the end to gain CPD points, then the total cost is $129 dollars (about £105).   Note CEU=CPD!  It is too early to say when Dr Manfield will be able to return to Europe to give a live workshop, but it is unlikely to be before 2021.

For further questions, please email the event organiser, Justin Havens, at mail@justinhavens.com