Anonymous quotes from former clients:

“I have finally been able to address issues from past (childhood sexual abuse) and put them behind me – I feel like I have changed as a person in a very positive way.” (10 sessions Dec 2019)

“My trauma is now like a spec of dust from the past.”  This was from a client who had been severely sexually assaulted, had nightmares and couldn’t’ sleep, and whose quality of life had deteriorated significantly in the 18 months since the traumatic event. (5 sessions March 2019)

“Therapy has given me more control over my emotions and feelings, and I feel more content.  I am no longer continuously striving for a quick fix.”  (40 sessions over 2 years Oct 2018)

“Therapy with Justin helped me to open ’emotional boxes’ from the past that I thought were dealt with, and sort them out.  This helped me to learn to live in the ‘now’, or present.  I would recommend Justin to others.” (5 sessions Sept 2018)

“Justin very quickly made several key insights that really helped me to understand some of the underlying issues that I wanted to deal with, and that formed a solid foundation for future sessions. I really liked the balance of talking therapy with EMDR, and ultimately appreciated Justin’s ready ability and willingness to adapt each session according to what I or he felt would be most helpful on the day. A sense of humour should never be underestimated and I really liked Justin’s lightness of touch when he deemed it appropriate, a judgement he always got right.” (8 sessions Dec 2017)

“I immediately felt at ease having met Justin, and he provided a safe and non-judgmental environment in which I felt comfortable to talk.  I am completely amazed at how few sessions I needed to feel lighter and much happier, having had years of regular talking therapy.  I am hugely grateful”  (7 sessions Sept 2017)

“This is my first experience of EMDR after 20 years of therapy – I am amazed at the changes to my everyday life” (13 sessions Feb 2017)

“The speed of the process and the immediate effect has given me an instant difference in outlook” Client with anxiety who had previously had 8 years of counselling (11 sessions June 2016)

“Made me feel normal again.” Client who had suffered PTSD (6 Sessions May 2016)

“The process and the outcomes have far exceeded my expectations.” (4 Sessions April 2016)

“Feeling more positive and happier.” (5 Sessions April 2016)

“I don’t think I realised how much my thoughts and memories were affecting me and my ability to sleep.  After EMDR, I am now sleeping better, feel calmer about the negative experiences of the last few months, and have some strategies to help me think more positively about the future.” (4 Sessions Feb 2016)

“Having been terribly sceptical about the whole counselling process, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised at how fulfilling the EMDR treatment was.  The process, although initially alien to me, felt logical and intuitive once Justin had explained it.  Once I had my first EMDR session, I was stunned! Justin’s pragmatic approach was perfect for me.” (8 Sessions Nov 2015)

“I was really worried about my first counselling session with Justin, even at the door I wanted to turn around and leave. On meeting Justin I knew that I didn’t have anything to worry about, he was non-judgmental and very understanding.  I found the EMDR therapy worked well for me, often transforming situations so the negative went to the background and the positive things came to the foreground.  After several sessions I found that my circumstances changed and life was again enjoyable. I was even able to cope with stressful circumstances which I couldn’t have coped with in previous months.”

“EMDR has helped me gain confidence and I now no longer feel like an ‘imposter’ at work.  The fear has gone from past memories, and the whole process has been awesome.  I wish I could persuade other people who are suffering, like I was, to take the plunge.”

“I was introduced to EMDR which at the time did not seem to be remotely connected with what I thought I needed. However, the results were quite astonishing. My thought processes are now much more targeted and clear, being able to dismiss damaging urges at will is a tremendous relief – a freedom I have not had for a long time.” A (former) compulsive gambler.

“I started seeing Justin to undertake EMDR therapy due to past anxieties and traumas.  Admittedly, I was nervous for the first visit, though upon meeting Justin this began to dissipate pretty quickly and I felt secure and comfortable.  A lot of my issues were related to my family and past and by working through the EMDR therapy, I have managed to reconnect not only with my family, but myself also.  My confidence has increased and for the first time I am beginning to feel secure in my own skin.  I had many issues in social environments and settings, with my anxieties had completely taking control of me.  By working with Justin, I have been able to take back that control and it has completely changed my life!   The world does not seem such a daunting and scary place anymore, I can make new friends, re-connect with the old and just begin to enjoy life.  My constant anxieties have been reduced or eradicated and are now completely manageable, something I cannot quite believe.  I really am eternally grateful.  Thank you.”